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MarMar moves to new location

A little box with a glass door contains one of the most popular items that MarMar sells: rooster feathers.
Although the store is, as owner Martha “MarMar” Nardini calls it, a jewelry gallery, these sleek, colorful hair accessories have been a hit since she opened her doors almost a decade ago. Although the store is not new to Block Island, it does have a new location: 212 Water Street, right next door to Ernie’s Restaurant.
The former location was on Dodge Street, but the main entrance was just off the main road. Nardini said she was excited to have the storefront and entranceway right on the street.
The primary focus is on the jewelry-filled cases that line the store. “I’m trying to go lighter this year, with more gold,” said Nardini. She has items from 50 different artists that she sells on consignment. She finds new pieces on Etsy or Instagram and just goes with what her instincts tell her will be appealing. “I try something fresh every year,” she said. Nardini is also a jewelry-maker — she studied metal-smithing at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia —  but she doesn’t have as much time to focus on that craft as she used to, although some of her own work is on display and for sale.
Part of the new store is taken up by Blockstar merchandise — tee shirts, glasses, etc. — that are adorned with the well-known Blockstar logo that Nardini’s husband, Dominic, designed more than a decade ago. Dominic Nardini will also be doing his facepainting and airbrush tattoos outside the shop.
The store will be open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The website is; Blockstar items can be found at, and the phone is (215) 880-3922.
If you have a new business or new location on Block Island, please contact Lars Trodson at [email protected].


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