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Mary D. Fund buoyed by $200K donation

Mom and I have seen the stress that Covid-19 has brought to our community and so we were determined that The Mary D. Fund would do even more during this challenging time.
To do so, we reached out for a grant. I quietly worked away with the great help of Donna Corey who was there for us every step of the way. We make a great team.
Busy days followed. I would give Mom daily updates that — fingers crossed — we were almost there.
Finally we received our exciting news from the donor:
“Congratulations, Mary and Marguerite. We are awarding you a special grant for the Mary D. Fund to help your Block Island community in the amount of $200,000! Now the rest is up to you!”
Our amazing grantor told us their generosity was inspired by Mom, the work of The Mary D. Fund, and our love for our community.
Giving Mom the news was a thrilling and very touching moment in all our years working together on The Mary D. Fund. It took a moment or two for the amount of $200,000.00 to sink in!
Mom’s happy tears meant everything. We hugged and gave thanks

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