Block Island Times

Medical Center approves 2020 budget

The Block Island Health Services Board of Directors has approved a $1.4 million budget for fiscal year 2020.
The $1.4 million bottom line shows a decrease from the 2019 budget, which was $1,559,490.
On the revenue side, the budget includes a $60,000 increase in patient fees, which totaled $671,000 in 2019, but are expected to come in at $730,000 for the new year. Dr. Mark Clark said that patient visits showed a 5.3 percent increase in 2019 over 2018, with that trend continuing into 2020.
In other income, donations are expected to see a significant drop from $231,000 to $144,500. The Medical Center will also be seeking a $300,000 appropriation from town voters at the May 4 Financial Town Meeting (the same request was made last year).
The Medical Center also expects to take more out of its endowment this year. Last year, there was an $75,000 allocation from that account, but that number has increased to $95,000 for 2020.
Donation, grant, endowment, and fundraising monies are expected to total $634,500, which will cover the deficit between expected revenue and expenses.

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