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Medical Center message

We are all in this together!
Thank you to all of you who are adhering to the guidelines in these updates and outlined in the Emergency Ordinance. Your efforts are working to keep Block Island safe and it is important not to let up our guard but rather to stay vigilant and careful as we navigate the COVID-19 crisis.
It is understandable to be upset or angry if you see a fellow Block Islander not following the rules; however, if everyone takes personal responsibility for themselves and their family, they will remain safe even if someone else fails to comply. It is equally important to show compassion and respect for anyone who contracts this virus. This can happen to any of us. Blaming and judging deters others from seeking care and testing and this failure to seek care would be counterproductive to the safety of all islanders. 
We are happy to report the continued recovery of our confirmed COVID-19 patient. He was transferred out of the ICU and continues to improve. We anticipate a full recovery. We traced and tested known contacts of this patient and their results are negative for COVID.
There are no new suspected

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