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Medical Center presents COVID testing and response plan

Block Island Medical Director Dr. Tom Warcup, who had been asked by the Town Council to create a COVID-19 testing plan, presented his outline to the council at its meeting on Wednesday, May 20. Dr. Warcup presented outlines for three different groups — island residents, business employees, and day trippers — but there was overlap to each approach.
“If you are a resident or patient of the health center, an appointment will be offered so we can discuss your concerns and decide the best course of action and treatment. If an employee or employer is concerned about someone in a business, please communicate with us at the health center, and we can give guidance and potential testing appointments, and please activate your own COVID action plan,” Warcup said. “Tourists who are feeling ill, consider returning home to confer with your primary health care provider, call Department of Health, or call us here.”
Warcup said the Medical Center currently has about 300 tests on hand, and 200 nasal swabs, as well as rapid tests.
Warcup identified the three stages of his response plan in detail for the council, depending on the position of the individual in the community:

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