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Medical Director addresses updates on COVID-19

At the most recent Town Council meeting, Block Island Medical Director Dr. Tom Warcup provided an update on the presence of COVID-19 on the island.
 “We have two additional positive cases that stem from the 103 plus tests that were done last Thursday by the Disaster Medical Assistance Team. One individual is already off island, and one individual was on island. The Department of Health has communicated with us very closely. All contact tracing has been performed. For the individual on the island, we had a conversation with the company owner, and we have a solid plan to keep that individual safe,” said Warcup.. “The other positive was likely from an original exposure in March, when they had exposures to others in a different state. Therefore, the first one is no longer a threat to the community, and the second one we have very solid plans for quarantine.” He added “this now makes eight total positive cases, and they have all been dealt with. As of the DOH, there is no need for other large-scale testing as a result of the contact tracing that was completed.”
First Warden Ken Lacoste asked Warcup if there is “anything you

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