Meet the 2020 candidates running for election

Election Day is almost here. Candidates running for various offices in the Town of New Shoreham have been quite busy preparing for this moment.
Reporter Rosemary Connelli spoke to each local candidate about the issues facing the town and why they chose to run for office.
The following questions below were asked of the candidates:
1. Can you provide us with a brief biographical sketch, including your age, occupation, education, and connection to Block Island?
2. What skills, knowledge and insight will you bring to the position you are running for?
3. What are the top local issues that you would like to see addressed in your upcoming term?
4. How do you plan on involving more residents in the decision-making process in our town?
5. In just two or three sentences, let us know why voters should cast their vote for you?
The interviews have been edited for clarity and length.
Two year term
1. I grew up in West Kingston, which is where I currently live. My family moved there in 1970 and we had a small farm with horses. My mother spent a lot of

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