Block Island Times

Mid-summer public safety report

Last week was approximately halfway between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Last Wednesday, July 21, Police Chief Matthew Moynihan made a report to the New Shoreham Town Council on the state of affairs from a public safety standpoint at the midpoint in the summer season.Unsurprisingly, booze continues to play a central role in policing on Block Island.
“Excessive alcohol consumption and illegal drinking are really the main cause of a lot of our calls,” Moynihan said. “We’ve made approximately 164 enforcement contacts.” Moynihan explained that enforcement contacts refers solely to motor vehicle stops, not the dozens of interactions he and his staff have with visitors everyday.“Our approach is high visibility. Having a visible police presence not only deters bad behavior, but helps us reset the narrative that anything goes on Block Island,” Moynihan said.
The chief explained that it was important for there to be “an expectation of enforcement” and known “consequences for infractions,” with consistency and communication playing a vital role.
“Respectful communication is key,” Moynihan said. “We have one message: we want them to come and enjoy the island, but we need people to follow the rules and stay safe.”Moynihan reported that his staff had issued

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