Mill Pond Bridge vandalized

The Mill Pond Bridge has been vandalized by a graffiti artist, or artists. Town officials discovered the blemish to the newly renovated structure this week. The graffiti covers a portion of the culvert that contains new bricks that were merged with the original 100-year old bricks.
The New Shoreham Highways Department said the paint cannot be removed with a power washer, and will have to be covered up with a coat of paint.
J.H. Lynch & Sons completed renovations to the bridge and Old Town Road on June 7, 2018. The project came with a budget of approximately $820,000.
“We are taking this matter very seriously,” said New Shoreham Police Chief Vin Carlone. The Chief said if anyone has any information regarding this incident contact the NSPD at (401) 466-3220.


Block Island Times Article

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