Millard Harmon’s 50th Anniversary summer at Block Island

On a beautiful summer day in 1971, Millard ‘Doc’ Harmon, accompanied by wife Ruth, landed at the Block Island Airport, and set his feet on Block Island for the very first time. After just a few hours spent exploring the island, Mil realized he had not seen his wife happier since the day he asked for her hand in marriage. Before departing Block Island that very first day, Mil and Ruth met with realtor Dorothy Sullivan and committed to the purchase of a family home in Minister’s Lot, off Corn Neck Road just a short walk from Mansion Beach. That first visit and Mil and Ruth’s spontaneous decision to make a home on Block Island sparked Harmon family traditions and an appreciation and affection for this unique island that has only grown with the passage of time.Mil made his living as an educator, but his true life’s passion has always been flying. As a teenager, Mil had already learned to fly before enlisting in the Army Air Force during WWII. Years later, as the father of five young children with wife Ruth, he purchased his beloved Beech 36 single-engine aircraft N7710R or “10ROMEO.” Based out of Albany, NY,

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