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Mopeds still raising hackles

The New Shoreham Town Council began its meeting on June 7 by opening up the floor to public input. And the public wanted to talk about mopeds. Elliot Nerenberg got the wheels turning when he called in to report that the moped operators are still using Weldon’s Way for training, despite the March 4, 2021 amendment to the Town of New Shoreham General Ordinances Article 4, Sections 8-78 governing Motorized Cycle Rental, which forbids using the public road for training. Nerenberg asked: “What enforcement is taking place to stop training on a public roadway?”Town Manager Maryanne Crawford responded that the police department has hired more officers for summer, along with the community service officers (CSO) brought out for the summer. She said the mopeds “are going down Weldon’s Way, stopping at the stop sign at the Seacrest, then turning around and coming back.” She further elaborated that “u-turns in the middle of Weldon’s Way that we saw last summer are not happening.”Nerenberg also said he was still seeing “sandals and flip flops.”
Crawford informed the group “footwear is not required by state law.” She said she has been trying to work with the moped operators to voluntarily encourage

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