Moynihan making a difference

The New Shoreham Town Council met June 16 and began its agenda with public comment. The council had received and reviewed 14 different letters sent in as correspondence, prior to the meeting. These were listed on the agenda as item number 20, which is usually a safe enough spot for letters from the public. But with 14 letters sent in, it was apparent that the people of Block Island had a lot to say to their councilors.
Seven letters referred to the ongoing moped controversy, with calls for increased enforcement of moped rules.
The town had attempted to make several amendments on March 4 to Section 8 of the Town of New Shoreham Ordinances, regarding the rental of motorized bicycles, motor scooters, and motorized tricycles: the town sought to: reduce the daily hours of operation by three hours; require the moped operators to identify a vehicle proficiency area on their site plan to indicate where renters will practice prior to driving on state or town roads; prohibit renting mopeds to individuals who are visibly intoxicated; to instruct their renters that no passenger may ride in front of the driver; to require the moped operators to present a training

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