New Business on the Block

Many visitors to Block Island may quickly notice a certain lack of cell phone and internet service. An inconvenience to some, it’s a blessing to others – a real opportunity to tune out and truly relax, and play.Playing is what one of the island’s newest stores is all about. Located on Chapel Street, it’s called Minnow 02807. Owner Kelly Case has a long history of working retail on Block Island, and the opportunity to open her own store happily coincided with a young daughter just off to kindergarten.“When brainstorming business ideas, I was inspired by my daughter to open a children’s store. While there are several options while shopping in town for children, the island has been lacking a destination solely devoted to the younger set for a couple years now.”Case has amassed a wide variety of merchandise for children and babies – from onesies, infant teethers, and bathing suits in the smallest of sizes, to activity-based toys and science experiments for pre-teens.Case’s daughter, who recently turned six, takes her role as a product tester very seriously according to Case. And she certainly has a lot of products totest.Besides the beach toys and stuffed animals – Minnow 02807

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