New oils by Whitney Knapp Bowditch

In “Islandscapes,” an exhibit of 29 new oils on paper and on wood panels, Whitney Knapp Bowditch continues experimenting with contrast in color, texture, and tone.
Painted within the last eight weeks, the oils will be on exhibit at the Jessie Edwards Gallery on the second floor of the Post Office building from Friday, July 10 to July 22. In a “Meet the Artist” video posted on, Bowditch talks about the exhibit, and there will be a “Gallery Walk Through” shared online on the afternoon of July 10, where visitors can enjoy the exhibit at their own pace. The show will be hanging in the gallery to view during our open hours, and private viewings can also be arranged by contacting the gallery.
In these newest works, Bowditch has combined muted tones with areas of high color, switching often from brush to palette knife depending on where more or less texture was desired. The blending of tones and techniques is at the heart of her works’ vitality. “I love the element of surprise, for me as the artist, and also for the viewer, I hope, that comes from the movement from light to dark and muted tones

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