New podcast: Two guys on Block Island

Rich Tretheway and Marc Scortino look like a comedy team. Tretheway is well over six feet tall, bearded, closely cropped hair. Scortino is short, muscular, with a bushy head of hair and facial hair that looks like it could use a trim.
They also sound like a comedy team, easily bouncing off each other when they speak, laughing at each other’s jokes, an easy banter that comes from knowing each other for years.
That banter in real life will come in handy as Scortino and Tretheway launch a new podcast about Block Island life called “Two Guys On Block Island.” (Just Google the name and it’ll pop up for your listening pleasure.)
Tretheway and Scortino sat down with The Block Island Times to talk about their new podcast.
“It was Rich’s idea,” said Scortino, “He said, ‘Let’s do a podcast.’” They started planning it about a year ago.
“I reached out to Marc. We get along — and he had sound equipment,” said Tretheway.
“The way I remember it is that we were hanging out at the door at Capt. Nick’s” — the pub Scortino and his wife Katie used to run. “It wasn’t busy. We were shooting

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