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New Shoreham Democrats endorse Langevin and Sosnowski

The New Shoreham Democratic Party announced today that it has officially endorsed incumbents U.S. Rep. Jim Langevin and state Sen. Sue Sosnowski for re-election in the upcoming state primary on Sept. 8.
“Everyone was under agreement that both of them are doing an outstanding job,” said Party Chair Sean McGarry.
Even though she did not win its endorsement, McGarry said the Committee felt that Sosnowski’s Democratic challenger, Maggie Kain, has a bright future in state politics.
“We felt very strongly that Maggie is energetic and has a place in this party and the state’s electoral system, but we felt it wasn’t her time. We are happy with the work that Susan is doing. She’s here for us, been serving the town well through this. We felt badly because Maggie is a great candidate,” said McGarry.
The vote to support Langevin was easier, said McGarry.
McGarry said that Langevin’s opponent in the Democratic primary, Dylan Conley, also has a future in state politics, but the committee felt Conley needed more experience before attempting to win a seat in Congress.
“You can’t start at the top, however, he’s got a great place in this party but he needs to work

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