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New walkway proposed for Andy’s Way

It was the Town of New Shoreham that was on the Planning Board’s agenda for its Dec. 9 meeting, presenting an application to construct a new public shoreline access walkway at Andy’s Way, and seeking an advisory to the Zoning Board for the construction. Building Official Marc Tillson, Town Manager Maryanne Crawford and Treasurer of the Committee for the Great Salt Pond Sven Risom were present for the discussion.
Tillson provided a brief overview of “what we are proposing” for the walkway leading to the Great Salt Pond.
“The Town of New Shoreham is proposing to construct a new public shoreline access walkway at the western end of Andy’s Way for safe access to the Great Salt Pond. The wood walkway will be approximately one hundred feet long with a width of 10 feet. A clear walking width between the supporting pilings will be seven feet which will allow the public to safely bring small boats across the coastal feature and onto the beach. The seven foot width will also allow our fire and rescue all-terrain vehicles to access to the beach in an emergency situation,” Tillson said in a prepared statement.
The proposed walkway, as explained by

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