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No food truck cap set, yet

The Town of New Shoreham is trying, according to Councilor Sven Risom, to “maintain its original food truck philosophy,” as it contends with the aftermath of a change in state law for mobile food service operations.
The Town Council was unable to determine a cap for the town’s local food truck licenses at its meeting on Nov. 20. The proposed cap was set at three total food trucks, as the island had three food trucks in operation under its hawkers and peddlers permit.
The problem is that has changed, because food trucks are now identified as mobile food establishments under a 2019 state law. The law and regulations adopted by the Department of Business Regulations in July, required the town to amend its General Ordinances. As a result, it broadens the field to include other operations, such as lemonade carts, which has caused the Town Council to wrestle with determining the cap, and how to maintain it.
Unable to reach a consensus on the cap at its Nov. 20 meeting, the Town Council continued the discussion to its Dec. 18 meeting. The council unanimously (3-0) amended its general ordinances for hawkers

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