Nominating the bold blue jay

Block Island has always been a wonderful spot to go birding, not only because the island is an important stopover during migration, but due to the many species that live here.
At the Block Island School, we are following the tradition started by Elizabeth Dickens, who began the bird program at the School in the early 1900s. We are grateful to Kim Gaffett for continuing it.
Each year, Mrs. Szabo includes a bird unit in her fourth grade class, and asks her students to choose a bird they think will best make the “Block Island Bird of the Year.” Through nature walks, bird banding with Miss Gaffett, and research, each student chose a bird they believe best represents Block Island.
This is the ninth in a series
It is a nice day on Block Island. There are birds peacefully eating at your bird feeder. “Caw caw!” What is that?! It sounds like a red tailed hawk. The birds at the feeder scatter in fright. But wait, it is just the expert mimic, the blue jay! Blue jays are really smart and that is why they can mimic a hawk. Blue jays are found in parks

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