Block Island Times

Notice from Chief Vin Carlone

The following was sent to The Block Island Times by New Shoreham Police Chief Vin Carlone:
On Wednesday, March 18, the New Shoreham Police Department received credible information from a concerned citizen that unnamed persons residing on Block Island have threatened to damage the Block Island Power Company transformers in an effort to shut island power down for the purposes of discouraging visitors to Block Island.
This is a serious domestic terror threat and will be forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Division of Homeland Security, and the R.I. State Police for investigation.
Starting immediately, the power plant will be on heightened security with security teams on site.
Anyone having any further information concerning these threats is encouraged to call the New Shoreham Police Department at (401) 466-3220.
“Just making a statement such as this is a serious federal criminal offense punishable by a lengthy jail sentence,” said Carlone. “It is threatening domestic terrorism.”

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