Block Island Times

Off-season ferry ride

Leaning over the railWatching the wake in aweFamiliar voice calls my nameAn old friend that I saw
The randomness of who’s onboardIs always pretty funSpot a dog that I knowHis owner is my chum
Catching up on the timesRehashing some old newsGossiping with some laughsOn this one-hour cruise
Never fails, it’s guaranteedSee people that I knowConnected then, connected nowConversation starts to flow
Coffee, hot chocolate or a beerHeld in every handEnjoying this chilly, choppy rideUntil we reach the land
The sun setsThe temperature dropsTime to go inside
Grab a tableAnd a benchSlide overSit beside
Conversing is a bartender,Carpenter, teacher, cookAnother off-season ferry tripWhere I didn’t crack my book
Years go bySome things changeI hope one remains the sameA winter Block Island ferry rideWhose passengers I know by name

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