OHTF begins discussions for Weldon’s Way

Old Harbor Task Force Chair Margie Comings invited Town Manager Maryanne Crawford, along with Block Island Power Company President Jeff Wright, to their meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 24. to discuss long-term planning for parts of the downtown area.
“One of the things that has concerned us is the lack of street lighting on Weldon’s Way and Chapel Street,” said Comings. “We will start with Weldon’s Way.”
“I live on High Street and I walk to work every day,” said Crawford “I cut through Weldon’s Way, and every morning when I walk down Weldon’s Way I shake my head – this road is going to drive me crazy. What I would like to do is look at Weldon’s Way holistically. We need a landscape architect to take a look at the whole road. I don’t find that road inviting for folks coming here,” said Crawford.
Crawford asked Wright “if we can do something extremely temporary and inexpensive” for Weldon’s Way. “If we can’t, [I] prefer to look at the whole thing holistically.”
Wright responded: “Normally we do a [lighting] project with a sidewalk or road project – a combined effort. With Weldon’s Way, I have been talking to the

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