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OIP won’t open until November

The newly-constructed Old Island Pub restaurant on Ocean Avenue will not be opening its doors until sometime in November.
That was the news that came out of Monday’s Town Council meeting when the Council voted unanimously (5-0) to extend permission to the Gaffett family, the owners of the OIP, to remain closed from August 1, 2018 to Nov. 1, 2018. The action is a matter of procedure for the Gaffett family since they own a liquor license for the establishment. Businesses that own liquor licenses must notify the town of a closure in order to not be in violation of the license.
Town Clerk Molly Fitzpatrick told The Times that at a September Town Council meeting, the Gaffett family had been granted the motion to remain closed until August 1. She also said the Gaffetts will need to apply for a liquor license renewal in December of 2018.
In a letter dated June 26 and sent to the Town Council, the Gaffett family stated their extension request, and noted that: “We expect that our construction will be completed during this summer season, but out of an abundance of caution we are asking for permission to remain closed until November 1st. As all of you know we have tried diligently to complete construction, but we are slightly behind schedule.”
During the meeting, Paige Gaffett reiterated what was noted in the family’s letter, while stating that they encountered roadblocks related to the pursuit of a building permit, which set them back three weeks. “I think we expected to open before November first, but out of caution we are requesting to stay closed until that time.”  
Second Warden André Boudreau said, “I’ve heard many people say that they’ve missed the Old Island Pub. But I’d rather you get it done right.”  
“Does this affect the liquor license in any way?” asked Councilor Chris Willi.
“No,” said Fitzpatrick.
“I think the building really fits in nicely,” said Councilor Sven Risom. 
The Gaffett family began pursuing construction of their new OIP building in the fall of 2016, after vacating the property that Tigerfish now occupies. 


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