On the Way

The Covid-19 pandemic, with its shutdowns, layoffs and fear, sought many to change their lives, reinventing themselves, pursuing dreams, or taking drastic steps and moving to a far-flung island, previously known for “nothing to do in the winter.” Some of these people are the children and grandchildren of John and Sandra Hopf.
Mother-daughter duo Jennifer and Olivia Hopf were some of those people. As early as May 2020 Jennifer and her spouse and son moved to Block Island while daughter Olivia stayed back home in Westchester, N.Y. At 25, Olivia was working as a corporate recruiter after graduating from Hyde Point College where she majored in human resources. But, like many others, she lost her job early on in the pandemic.Olivia says she “needed to redirect her energy,” and so she did, developing her own personal brand of tie-dyed clothing and accessories that she calls “The SweatyBlonde,” and sells on a website of the same name. The clothing line started with sweatshirts and sweatpants. (Hand shredding can be added to an order at checkout.) Then face masks were added, and additional clothing and accessories. There is a jewelry line that includes a “2020 Survival Cord” necklace.Her home base

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