Online teaching begins

As physical distancing commences on the island, the Block Island School recently closed its doors to follow safety procedures being implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic.
To continue teaching students, the Block Island School began the week of March 23 with school-wide online learning for the first time in its history.
To gain insight into how it’s done, island teachers were asked if they have been engaging with their students virtually during social distancing, and if so, what activities and lessons they have been sharing with their students.
Mike Petrik, the grade seven and high school English teacher, shared his current activities with his students.
“I am trying to balance digital distance learning with assignments that get students outside and off their computers, especially considering the internet challenges on Block Island. The most interesting digital assignment I’ve included so far is a scavenger hunt I created for the African American History Museum in Boston, which Google has made available through Street View. Offline assignments involve a lot of reading and responding, and some ‘take a hike’ and reflect assignments that fit nicely with our focus on narrative in some

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