Overall, summer of 2022 not so bad

“I love drought,” was the utterance of more than one department head at the Town Council’s meeting on Dec. 7 when the annual review of the summer on Block Island was the main topic. Overall the feeling was that it was a successful summer on the island.
LibraryLibrary Director Kristin Baumann was the first department head to report. Going through the library’s programming, she said she had received “push back” for an ad she ran in The Block Island Summer Times that read “Come for the beach, stay for the library,” instead of spending the money on books, but with the lines blurred between vacation and work time, “a lot of people need space to work.”They also need some privacy, and the library has created three meeting rooms to meet that need. Baumann said the reservation book for meeting rooms – “which can be a closet” showed that 477 people had signed up to use them since April.With funds from a technology grant, the library installed outdoor solar charging stations. Baumann said, “We chose that because there’s a mental health aspect there,” explaining that people get very anxious when they need a phone charge. It also follows on

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