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Overlook meanders through the system

The Overlook property continues to work its way toward subdivision, appearing before the Conservation Commission and the Planning Board last week with an appearance before the Zoning Board on the horizon. The Overlook is seeking a special use permit to continue using a portion of its parking lot that will be part of the land sold to the town, and a special use permit to continue to use its newly-added employee housing rooms in the basement of the building.To obtain the special use permit, an applicant must appear before the Conservation Commission and the Planning Board, seeking favorable advisory decisions on their application prior to appearing before the Zoning board.It is not clear if either of these applications is entirely necessary for the Overlook property, as the town has agreed to continue to let the Overlook use the parking spaces that will be on town land, and there is no change whatsoever to the employee housing that has already been approved.Attorney for the applicant, Brian Laplante, has enumerated several times that the reason they are applying for these permits is out of an abundance of caution to maintain the status quo.Chair Ned Phillips of the Conservation Commission raised

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