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Overlook: Much ado about parking

“How a real estate contract can create something so convoluted, I don’t understand,” Member Judith Cyronak said to her colleagues on the Zoning Board on July 28. The board was discussing the Overlook property, which borders the Great Salt Pond between Champlin’s Marina and the Salt Pond Settlement condominiums.
Overlook Realty, LLC, managed by Steven Filippi is subdividing its 6.27 acre lot, keeping 1.77 acres with the Overlook building on it, and sellingthe proposed 4.5 acre vacant lot for $10.5 million to the Town of New Shoreham. The town will provide $4.5 million and the Block Island Land Trust, the Block Island Conservancy and The Nature Conservancy will provide the additional $6 million.
The placement of the proposed lot line has created consternation for all parties involved, as the subdivision will result in 14 of the Overlook’s 45 parking spaces being split between the two properties, and five spaces being completely on the town’s property.
This has necessitated a special use permit for offsite parking, which has required hearings before the Conservation Commission and the Planning Board before finally arriving before the Zoning Board. The Overlook has also requested a special use permit to continue using the newly

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