Block Island Times

Overlook negotiations coming to a close

Final negotiations can now take place for the purchase of a portion of Steve Filippi’s Overlook property. The cost of the property is to be shared by the Block Island Land Trust, the Town of New Shoreham, The Nature Conservancy, and the Block Island Conservancy. The property has been touted as “the last” property available on the shore of the Great Salt Pond in the New Harbor Commercial District, and adjacent to waters classified by the R.I. Coastal Resources Management Councilas suitable for heavy marine activity, including docks and marinas.When voters approved their share of the deal, $4.5 million, at Financial Town Meeting in May, it was with the understanding that there were conditions attached. One was that the lot, which houses a hotel that is mainly used for Ballard’s employee housing, would be successfully subdivided into two lots. (Filippi is retaining the hotel and essentially selling off the surrounding land.) The other condition was that the town have an appraisal performed that would be “acceptable to theTown Council.”
The zoning decision to approve the subdivision was made on September 28, opening up a 30-day window to make final negotiations to purchase the property or to walk away

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