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Passover 2021

Passover 2021
The Jewish holiday of Pesach (Passover) is a spring festival that celebrates the freedom of the Jewish people from being slaves in Egypt (Mitzraim – Narrow Places). The holiday has come to be celebrated with a hope for freedom for all people. The Passover Seder (celebration ceremony) uses the Haggadah (“order”) to celebrate the holiday. The Haggadah has always had the story of four children who comment or ask questions about the seder. This is a modern version of the questions from American Jewish World Service:
Four Children
At Passover each year, we read the story of our ancestors’ pursuit of liberation from oppression. When confronting this history, how do we answer our children when they ask us how to pursue justice in our time?
What does the activist child ask?
“The Torah tells me, ‘justice, justice you shall pursue,’ but how can I pursue justice?”
Empower her always to seek pathways to advocate for the vulnerable. As Proverbs teaches, “Speak up for the mute, for the rights of the unfortunate. “Speak up, judge righteously, champion the poor and the needy.”
What does the skeptical child ask?
“How can I solve problems of such enormity?”

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