Penn speaks about COVID

The first thing Bill Penn wants to tell the island is how sorry he is. Sorry for exposing people to the coronavirus, which he tested positive for, and he’s apologetic for making people uncomfortable.
The second thing he wanted people to know is that the Medical Center has tested everyone Penn may have come in contact with during his time on the island when he had the virus, and those tests have come back negative. Dr. Mark Clark of the Medical Center corroborated that on Wednesday, April 8.
Penn spoke to The Block Island Times from his room at Yale-New Haven Hospital, where his oxygen levels were still being monitored as of Tuesday, April 7. He is expected to be released by Friday, April 9 or soon after.
This frightening journey began, Penn said, back on March 12, when he travelled down to Bronxville, New York, where he and his wife Sally have an apartment. “We had planned to have a small family dinner, but then it became apparent that there were going to be travel restrictions, so we cancelled the dinner,” Penn said. They practiced sheltering-in-place, but they did

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