Planning Board carefully eyeing zoning language

At its most recent meeting the Planning Board continued its review of new zoning ordinance language that would impact development in the Old Harbor Commercial Zone. The language change, which has been proposed by Lark Hotels, would allow additional special use standards for hotels and inns, and would also allow accessory hotel rooms as a new use in that area. The proposal was reviewed on Wednesday, Dec. 11. Lark Hotels purchased and operates The Surf and the property known as The Grove. The accessory hotel use would allow new buildings on the Grove property.
In its application to amend the ordinance, the applicants wrote: “This proposal provides amended special use standards for hotels and inns constructed in the Old Harbor Commercial district, which will allow the potential construction of new and renovated hotels in this district. Under the existing zoning ordinance as interpreted under existing law by the Zoning Board, there is no realistic way to construct or enlarge an existing hotel or inn in this district.”
In the narrative submitted in support of zoning ordinance amendments by the Lark Hotels group, “The New Shoreham Zoning Ordinance as it is currently written

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