Planning Board closes hearing on Gelsomini project

Nick and Pam Gelsomini went before the Planning Board for a third time on Feb. 10 with their plans to demolish an existing house off Corn Neck Road (Plat 4, Lot 63) and replace it with a new home and add other structures. The board closed the public hearing on the application after pointed comments by the members, but without making a decision.
Last September, the Gelsominis proposed to demolish the existing single-family dwelling on the property and construct a single-family dwelling, accessory residential structure, spa and in-ground pool. The new single-family dwelling would exceed the square footage and cubic feet limits in the town’s Zoning Ordinance.
The original proposal raised concerns from members of the Planning Board and the Committee for the Great Salt Pond raised concerns about the wetlands on the property, the buildings’ proximity to the Great Salt Pond, and concerns that the development appeared too large for the lot.
On Jan. 11, the Gelsominis’ architect, Greg Yalanis of Spring Street Studio, presented a revised plan with reduced dimensions for both the main house and the accessory dwelling. The main house would have a 4,143 square foot footprint (17 percent smaller than the original). The

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