Block Island Times

Planning Board OKs capital budget

The Town of New Shoreham has some big-ticket items on its building wish list, (otherwise known as a Capital Improvement Plan), and on Wednesday, February 14, the Planning Board was asked to give its approval.The Planning Board is tasked with simply issuing a decision on whether the items on the Capital Improvement Plan are in accordance with the town Comprehensive Plan. A change in procedure that started a few years ago relieves the Planning Board of having to come up with the planning document itself. Instead it is created by Town Manager Maryanne Crawford and Finance Director Amy Land and includes requests from various departments depending on their needs.Crawford walked the Planning Board through the document that not only delineates capital spending for the upcoming fiscal year, FY 2025 (the year that ends June 30, 2025), but extends planning out for an additional five years through fiscal year 2030. It also shows what was included in the current and previous year’s budgets. Certain projects span more than one year, and are presented in two stages – one for planning and design, and one for construction, for example.

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