Please say it isn’t so

On 1 April 2022, I posted the following on Facebook with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek so far it looked like I had a golf ball wedgedand stuck in there. Still, I hooked some folks with the gag. Hey, it’s just because I’m the credible guy that I’m wont to be. I guess. Or, people are more gullible than I thought. Anyway, I had a good laugh for myself while waiting for a ferry to load. The post read:“The word around the solid sources of the campfire in the Port of Galilee, is that the Dutch Inn will be restored to its grand and original design: parrots, pool, Dixieland Jazz, and best of all to keep up with current technology, a working windmill.” I figured I’d just post this for some April Fool’s yuks and see how many people I’d get to fall for the gag.This post on that first day of April received 145 likes, along with 60 comments. Moreover, I noticed several of the people making comments completely fell for the post, which I had to edit, so it would read somewhat credibly and in the realm of possibility. For example, I had to

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