Police Advisory Commission looking for input

The Police Advisory Commission wants to hear from you. The group met last Thursday to talk about defining the role of the commission, as well as to brainstorm ideas on obtaining public input.
Newly minted Chair Jim Hinthorn explained his view of the commission’s role: “It’s an advisory role, but also more of a proactive role.”Vice-chair Andy Transue led the Police Advisory Commission in the late 1980s prior to its disbandment, when it had a more expanded role than the current PAC.
“We interviewed applicants for the summer cops,” Transue said. “We oversaw the budget, and had a lot to do with forming and putting the budget together, and acquiring capital expenses for the police department. It was an avenue for local residents if they had a problem with the police department, but didn’t want to talk to the police department. They could talk to us.”
Hinthorn reminded the group early on that “we have no budget, and we don’t supervise the chief.”
At its inaugural meeting in July, the PAC discussed developing a survey in order to get input on general concerns and solutions. Member Molly O’Neill had gotten some informal feedback from members of the public

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