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Police Advisory Commission reviews input from public

The Police Advisory Commission asked the public for feedback and the public delivered. Complaints, comments, tales of iniquity, and suggestions were forthcoming. At its meeting on July 21, the members of the commission each took the reins on one area of the survey and delivered their reports.The Police Advisory Commission has had seven meetings in the past year, its first since being resurrected by the town. And while they’ve been gathering information, they areat a loss for a real mission that can direct them going forward.“My question is, what’s the next phase?” asked member Caroline Collins. “It’s important that going forward we have a mission.”“I agree,” said member Molly O’Neill. “We haven’t got a good direction, but [we did get] a lot of emotional responses from the public…We don’t want to be the place where it goes to die.”Member John Spier said we need to “combat some of the island syndrome of talking about the [problems] in the heat of the summer and forgetting about it by March.”Chair Jim Hinthorn said that after purposely delaying creating a mission statement “after a year we should be able to craft one.”“We need to decide what to focus on,” said member

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