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Portraits of American Revolutionaries

Block Island School Teacher Kathleen Hemingway has been teaching her fifth grade class on the American Revolution at the Block Island School. The U.S. War of Independence was fought between 1775 and 1783 by colonists seeking to gain independence from Britain.
“The fifth graders have been working really hard on our unit of the American Revolution this past month and have created bio-poems about someone who played a part in the war. Below are bio-poems they have created about a person involved in the Revolutionary War that they have researched,” said Hemingway.
Here are the poems by the fifth grade students. Each poem begins with information about the colonists they are writing about. — Rosemary Connelli
Mary Ludwig
Wife of William Hays, who fought at the Battle of Monmouth
Resident of Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Who believes the colonists can win the war
Who needs more water to give to the soldiers, protective gear to not get shot while she’s giving water on the battlefield, shorts, a t-shirt, and sunscreen because it was hot
Who feels devastated when her husband collapses during the battle so she takes control of his cannon
Who cries when the colonists die

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