Portraits of an island on lockdown

Island resident and artist Tracy Finn created the idea of capturing an inside look into islanders’ lives in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“I had a thought of photographing people in their doorways or yards as a way to document this time that we’re all going through,” said Finn.
Finn has already begun collecting photographs of island residents, including a shot of Socha Cohen standing in her door entrance, and Cindy Lemon sitting on her porch reading a book.
Finn is respecting and following social distancing protocols, and will be taking photographs from a distance with a zoom lens.
“I found I can safely document this time we’re in. Zoom lens, from afar, drive by. What does your shelter in place look like? Let me know if you would like a drive-by,” said Finn. Finn added that the people “who want to be involved in the photos, have been following the rules of social distancing.”
Island resident Kellie Donovan, who had her photograph taken by Finn, shared her thoughts on Finn’s photography initiative.
“I love what she is doing. Some of my favorite photographs… are of everyday activity. You get a

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