Block Island Times

PUC approves price increase for fast ferry tickets

Interstate Navigation’s application to the Public Utilities Commission for “expedited approval” for increased rates for its fast ferry service was approved yesterday, Thursday, June 25, by the PUC, according to PUC Clerk Luly Massaro.In its filing to the PUC, which was introduced in late May, Interstate Navigation writes that the “proposed revised rates would increase the Point Judith to Block Island adult fast ferry rates to $25 one-way ($50 round trip). Child fast ferry rates would increase to $15 one-way ($30 round trip). The frequent user booklets and the volume discounts will be discontinued. All other fast ferry rates will remain unchanged.”Former ticket prices were $19.50 for one way and $12.75 one way for children.
Interstate stated in the filing that “Fast ferry rates have not changed since 2016. Interstate wishes to revise its Point Judith to Block Island fast ferry rates, and Interstate respectfully requests expedited approval of this rate filing so the rates will be effective in thirty (30) days, due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

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