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Raimondo declares schools are ready to open on Sept. 14

This is a developing story.

With a backdrop of what Gov. Gina Raimondo called a “primarily good news” environment in Rhode Island in terms of coronavirus cases, the governor said all school districts in the state, except two, are able to go back to full in-person learning by Sept. 14 “and that is what we expect you will do.”

Raimondo, however, almost immediately added a caveat, stating that most likely school districts will “ease into” in-person learning inorder “to work out the kinks.”

“Open as much as you can beginning Sept. 14,” said Raimondo. “Many of you will take a staggered approach and that is fully responsible.” With that, Raimondo said her goal was to have every student back into school by Tuesday, Oct. 13, the day after the Columbus Day national holiday.

Raimondo said that every district, with the exception of Providence and Central Falls, had submitted re-opening plans that have been approved by the state Department of Health. Requirements include face mask wearing for teachers and students, response plans if a student or teacher tests positive, social distancing protocols and to name a contact person

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