Recreation Board seeks to expand opportunities for kids

Those Block Island families, and non-island families, who have enjoyed the activities of Camp Mohegan in the summer but thought their children have aged out of the program at 10 will be happy to know that the upper age limit has been increased to 12.
The members of the Recreation Board made that decision at its meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 11.
“We have had a bunch of kids going for a while and didn’t want to age out at 10,” said Recreation Department Director Dave Sniffen.
Department Assistant Cindy Lemon said when the kids stop going at age 12 they could segue into becoming camp counselors. Camp Mohegan will run from June 22 through Aug. 21 this year.
Costs for the camp will go up slightly, with the eight-week program costing Block Island students $145 and non-Block Island students paying a fee of $225.
The members of the Recreation Board said it will also support an art installation at the tennis courts at Ball O’Brien Park that was suggested by island resident Sue Brown Black.
Sniffen said it would be a “collaboration with island

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