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Remembering Steve

Isobel Norton said it so well:“Those we hold most dearNever truly leave us…They live onIn the kindnesses they showedThe comfort they sharedAnd the love they broughtinto our lives…”
The legacy of those who have gone beyond is how they enriched our lives while they were here. Steve Draper certainly did that. How? By the way he shared himself throughout our lives. By restoring and maintaining some of the historic buildings on the island, by being involved on boards and committees for years. By lending a hand at whatever you needed.
He was a wonderful husband, father, and friend. He was unassuming and a bit private. His days started with breakfast with the guys after which were filled with activity and productivity. At the end of the day you could often find him alone on his porch with a glass of Glenlivet looking out over the ocean.
I have a great photo of Steve with the pencil in his ear while giving one of our house guests a personal guided tour through the farm and he did it so graciously. Being with him and Rita in Costa Rica was an experience not to be missed.
We have bitter tears

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