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Responses to Raimondo’s ferry remarks show deep division

Gov. Gina Raimondo set the stage at her first press briefing this week by saying she was “really looking forward to phase three” when restrictions and protocols regarding public gatherings and business openings would be relaxed “even more,” which she hopes will be in early July.
Raimondo said the state was only in its second week of phase two and “so now we need another couple of weeks to observe the data of the changes we made in phase two.”
Raimondo added: “The virus is alive and well. It’s out there. The virus has not gone anywhere. What’s changed is us,” and stressed “we don’t want to be another state where see a spike and we don’t have to be that if people follow the rules to the best of our ability.”
While saying she is “confident we are in a good place,” Raimondo added that she is still stressing “voluntary compliance” on the basics; “wearing your mask, wash your hands, keep six feet apart.”
Then Raimondo came to what was on her mind: passengers on the Block Island Ferry.
Raimondo said her office had received “a lot of complaints over the weekend: too crowded and very few

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