RI Airport Corp informs council of future plans

The Rhode Island Airport Corporation sent a letter to First Warden Andre Boudreau, made available to the Town Council by Town Manager Maryanne Crawford, which updated RIAC’s plans for the Block Island Airport. According to the letter, RIAC has abandoned plans to lease out for development two areas of Block Island Airport land, designated BID-1 and BID-3. Public outcry has been loud andconsistent against developing these two areas. BID-1 is located across Center Road from the airport, next to the Enchanted Forest, and BID-3 is located along the back fence near the runway. Citizens of Block Island have voiced their objections to the use of BID-1 fornonaviation uses and have pointed out that the proposed uses are contrary to the Zoning Ordinance for the Residential A zone. Conservation groups quickly pointed out that BID-3 is home to the endangered American burying beetle and an endangered plant, thenorthern blazing star.RIAC’s letter stated that BID-1 and BID-3 were being removed from consideration for development due to the Town Council’s input. Cushman and Wakefield, the realtors for RIAC, have removed the two areas from their online advertisements.RIAC’s letter also informed the council about its vehicle parking plan for the airport, stating

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