RIAC to implement parking program in April

The Rhode Island Airport Corporation was back before the Town Council on Monday, March 7, to discuss its newest plan to address parking at the Block Island Airport. RIAC spokesman John Goodman described the plan as “free, but managed, short-term parking.” He said the goal was to ensure the airport parking lot would be available for airport patrons. Abandoned vehicles are a common occurrence at the airport, with Goodman mentioning them as one of the main things RIAC hoped to address with the parking program.The plan will go into effect on April 1, with RIAC installing signage to indicate that parking is for active airport customers only, and that long-term parking over 14 days is prohibited. The fixed base operator, FlightLevel Aviation, will monitor the lot and identify cars that are parked over 14 days. RIAC will attempt to contact the owners of those delinquent vehicles for six weeks, after which time RIAC may have the vehicles towed. Contractors that may be in need of parking longer than 14 days are instructed to contact FlightLevel Aviation to work out exceptions to the rule.Council Member Mark Emmanuelle called the proposed plan a “toothless tiger,” since there was not anywhere

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