SAC seeking transportation support

Members of the Senior Advisory Committee continue to look to the state, and the town, for support for its senior ride share program.
SAC Co-Chair Sandra Kelly told the members of the Motor Vehicles For Hire Commission that the group has been continuing its conversation with the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, which runs the state public bus system, to see if it is possible to bring a RIPTA vehicle to the town, especially during the winter months.
SAC is looking to provide cost-effective transportation for seniors who may otherwise be house-bound during the winter months. SAC has been, with the consent of the MVFH commissioners and local taxicab owners, helping to pay for cab rides for seniors who may not otherwise be able to get to the doctors, grocery, or other appointments. The rider pays $3 while SAC pays for the regular fare.
Funds for the winter ride program are limited, Kelly said. When the program was inaugurated last year, Kelly said that the cost of the rides totaled about $700.
However, SAC members are hoping to expand the program.
“Hopefully, we’ll get some support

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