Block Island Times

School Committee dips into reserve funds to balance budget

With the New Shoreham Teachers Association rejecting the most recent proposals by the School Committee, members dipped into an emergency fund that will help pay for some needed programs, as well as a math teacher who will be hired at $127,000 a year.
The vote to approve a school budget for 2021 at $5,468,186, while using $96,343 from the fund balance, was 3-1. Member Jessica Willi voted nay primarily because she objected to the cost of hiring the new math teacher. Voting yes were Chair Bill Padien, Vice Chair Annie Hall and member Persephone Brown. Member Kara Stinnett was absent.
The need to approve a final budget was urgent. It had to get to the Town Council by Tuesday, July 21 in order to be on the warrant for the Financial Town Meeting that will be held on Monday, July 27 at 7 p.m. at the Block Island School gymnasium.
School Supt. Mike Convery said that two memoranda of agreement were sent to the teachers’ union, but the rejection of the first proposal made the second offer a moot point. In essence, the proposal was to enter into a new three year contract this year, with raises deferred

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