School days: Out with the old, in with the new

The Block Island School may look the same on the outside, but its interior has an entirely new look and feel.
Principal Kristine Monje took The Block Island Times on a tour of the school on Tuesday, Sept. 8, to provide a glimpse into everything that’s being done in order to get the students back into the building by Monday, Sept. 14. (Grades K-8 will return on that date, with high school students returning a week later.)
In the lobby of the building, where students enter at the beginning of the day, the first thing they will do is face a machine that will take their temperature. Students showing any signs of illness will be sent home.
Looking down, they will see arrows that tell the students which direction they can walk in. When they enter their classrooms, their desks will be spaced apart and all nicknacks and other tools will have been eliminated to lower the amount of surface space that is frequently touched.
In the science classroom, desks where experiments are performed are now decorated with brightly colored discs that show where each lab partner has to be seated.
The school had its walk-through by representatives

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