School food service manager to remain during search

Cindy Kelly will be staying on as the School Food Service Manager for the Block Island School while a search continues for her successor, according to Superintendent Michael Convery.
In an interview with The Block Island Times, Convery said that Kelly has agreed to remain on the job as late as September 2020 in order to train her replacement, once one is hired. The Superintendent is working with Chartwells Schools Dining Services, the school’s contracted food service management company and the manager’s actual employer, and hopes to receive a list of candidates from them to choose from.
History suggests the search may not be easy. “We were very fortunate to get Cindy,” Convery said, adding that the school administration had had trouble finding a food service manager the last time, when long-time employee Glenn Pence retired.
Meanwhile, Convery agreed that the concerns about under-staffing and kitchen equipment Kelly cited in her resignation letter are “100 percent valid.” “We have been working on these issues,” he said, “and have had many conversations” with Kelly both before and since she submitted her resignation in September.
The superintendent confirmed that the

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